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Love & Anarchy’s Sofie/Max: Do They End Up Together?

By turns sweet and sexy, Netflix’s Love & Anarchy is full of surprises. Centered on the taboo romance between a married business consultant and her younger colleague, the Swedish-language drama doesn’t at first glance seem like a good fit for shippers in the market for a new OTP. Infidelity doesn’t reflect well on anyone, after all. But what that simplified plot description can’t convey is how the show’s main couple, Sofie Rydman (played by Ida Engvoll) and Max Järvi (Björn Mosten), will draw you in with their exhilarating dares and challenges. How what starts as an attempt to taunt and one-up each other becomes a love language only they understand. How much you’re going to end up rooting for them to make some sacrifices to be together for real. Which brings us to the big question…

Do Sofie and Max end up together in Love & Anarchy?

The shorter, less spoiler-y answer: Probably? To be honest, it’s a little murky, and hard to explain without giving too much away about the season 1 finale. They don’t NOT end up together, and it’s obvious they WANT to be with each other. If that’s enough for you, then you will be satisfied by their relationship status in the last few minutes.

The longer, spoiler-filled answer: While we don’t know for sure that Max and Sofie will become an official couple by the end of Love & Anarchy’s first season, we know enough about their feelings to make an educated guess about where things are headed. You see, they spend 7 episodes trading challenges, growing closer and closer, before Sofie’s husband, Johan, drops a bomb that makes her question everything. Suddenly she’s standing at a crossroads, unsure of which direction to go.

Should she move to Germany and recommit to her husband, even though he doesn’t seem to like the real her? Or should she leave him to pursue a real relationship with Max, a man who loves every side of her? It’s a scary choice for someone who has spent years trying to mold herself into the perfect wife and mother. Sofie doesn’t handle her jumbled emotions in the most mature way, either. Not only does she break Max’s heart, but she blows up at her husband (albeit justifiably). Finally free, where does she go? Back to her job, and Max, whose welcoming smile suggests he’s ready to forgive and forget their fight.

So yeah, it’s not spelled out that Sofie plans to leave her husband for Max, but it seems like what she wants. Season 2, if it gets a green light, will likely throw more obstacles in the way of our lovebirds, but I left the season feeling quite confident about their future. It’s bright, y’all! They’re too cute for a sad ending, period.

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