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Ship Tease is a romance recommendation podcast hosted by Jennifer Proffitt and Heather Waters, who take turns trying to convince each other to check out a show, book, or movie based purely on the shipping potential. If you’re constantly scanning the horizon (a.k.a. tumblr) for your next ship, you’ll love these weekly conversations—and may just discover your next OTP.

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Trailer | Season 1 | Season 2

Trailer: You never forget your first!

Do you remember the first moment you started shipping a couple for the very first time—and we mean the very first? Hosts Jennifer Proffitt and Heather Waters introduce Ship Tease, a new podcast where every week they take turns recommending television, books, and movies based purely on the romance potential. Get to know the hosts and learn about their first ships!

Season 1

Episode #1: The X-Files, Part I: Can Heather make Jenn believe?”

Mulder and Scully are an ICONIC duo—and Heather’s all-time favorite OTP. Will Jenn take her recommendation and finally, for the love of MSR, try watching The X-Files again?

Listen to Episode 1 and read the show notes.

Episode #2: Sex Education: Do It for Gillian’s Jumpsuits!”

As we’ve established, Heather has a well-documented weakness for Gillian Anderson. Can Jennifer tempt her to try the Netflix series Sex Education by making a case for the romance between Anderson’s Jean and her love interest? If not, Jennifer has a second ship in her back pocket. 

Get the scoop on Episode 2 by listening to the conversation and reading the show notes.

Episode #3: New Amsterdam: The fandom made me do it!”

Heather has no doubt that Dr. Max Goodwin and Dr. Helen Sharp (a.k.a. Sharpwin) will eventually give into the ~vibes~ between them in NBC’s medical drama New Amsterdam. But can she persuade Jenn to hop aboard this (admittedly quite complicated) slow-burn ship?

Listen to Episode 3 and read the show notes for links to a blog post, fan vids, and tumblr gifsets that will help explain why falling for these two is inevitable…

Episode #4: Feel Good: Tell me something Canadian”

Jennifer knows it’s a risk to recommend that Heather ship a couple who get together early on in the show’s run, but what if they’re really, really cute? Because that’s exactly the case with Mae and George in Netflix’s comedy series Feel Good.

Check out Episode 4 and view the show notes to discover two Mae/George gif sets that caught Heather’s eye while she was listening to Jenn make her case…

Episode #5: “Good Behavior: Dysfunctional in a healthy way”

Yes, okay, maybe it’s morally questionable to ship a (fictional) hitman and a thief. It sure is fun, though! Obviously, Heather needed to introduce Jenn to the wonders of Letty and Javier from TNT’s Good Behavior. Obviously.

Listen to Episode 5 and then explore the show notes to watch the trailer for Good Behavior and get a little more fannish about Letty/Javier.

Episode #6: Anna the Detective: That’s the spirit!”

Jennifer has gone on a saga to watch the Russian supernatural mystery period drama Anna the Detective and wants Heather to join her. The problem is…Jennifer’s already tried once before to get Heather to watch and couldn’t get her to commit to watching the show for the romance between Anna and Shtolman. Does she have a ghost of a chance this time?

Listen to Episode 6 and read the show notes here for extras like the Anna the Detective trailer, fan video recommendations, and more…

Episode #7: Simple Wild: Grumpy hero alert!”

Finally, a book rec! Heather’s crazy about the opposites-attract romance between city girl Calla and hot-shot pilot Jonah in K.A. Tucker’s Simple Wild book series. Can she entice Jennifer into a binge-read of her own?

Listen to Episode 7 and read the show notes.

Episode #8: Beach Read: The perfect book?”

Jennifer describes Beach Read by Emily Henry as a nearly perfect read, but does that oversell it to Heather when she tries to convince her to fall for the rivals-next-door, Gus and January?

Listen to Episode 8 and check out the show notes for bonus content.

Episode #9: Love, Victor: The fluffy fluff we deserve.”

Hulu’s sweet new show Love, Victor is essentially fanfic come to life, but that’s only one reason Heather’s feeling good about her odds of convincing Jennifer to give the teen rom-com a try. (Mostly it’s because Victor/Benji are completely irresistible.)

Listen to Episode 9 and read the show notes.

Episode #10: Normal People: Caught in their orbit”

Normal People follows young lovers Connell and Marianne from their secret high school romance to their complex college relationship. But since they’re an established couple, does Jennifer have any hope of convincing Heather of falling for this Hulu show based on the novel by Sally Rooney?

Listen to episode 10 and read the show notes here.

Episode #11: “Season 1 Confessions: What did we actually watch?”

It’s the moment of truth: How many of the TV show & book recommendations from Season 1 did Jenn and Heather *actually* take? Do they now share a few more OTPs, or nah? Find out in this Ship Tease bonus episode.

Listen to episode 11 and read the show notes here.

Episode #12: “Our Top 10 Ships of 2020”

If there’s one thing Jennifer and Heather can agree on, it’s that escaping into fiction has never been more necessary than in 2020. Luckily, they managed to find plenty of ships to love. In this special episode, they each weigh in on their top 5 couples of the year.

Listen to episode 12 and read the show notes here.

Episode #13: “Our 2021 Wish List”

No matter how many swoon-worthy romances they consume, Heather and Jennifer always want more. Greedy shippers that they are, they have even dared to put their 2021 wish list out into the universe…

Press “play” on Episode 13 and check out the show notes here.

Season 2

Episode #1: Bridgerton: Never Read the Reviews”

Despite anticipating Bridgerton for months, Jennifer still hasn’t finished watching it because of a controversial scene that carried over from Julia Quinn’s historical romance novel The Duke and I. Are Simon and Daphne’s best moments enough to overcome her hesitations about the wildly popular Netflix series?

Listen to our first podcast episode of Season 2 and read the show notes here.

Episode #2: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: You Deserve Book!Peter K.”

Sure, you have totally fallen for Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky in the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie trilogy, but have you read the books by Jenny Han that started it all? Jennifer never has, despite loving the movies, and it’s time for Heather to prove that while the book series isn’t necessarily better, it’s equally delightful—and required reading!

Listen to Episode 2×02 and check out the show notes for more LJ/Peter goodness.

Episode #3: New Girl: Jake Johnson Appreciation Society”

Nick Miller is the grumpy bartender we all wish we had in our lives and his romance with the simply adorkable Jess Day in New Girl is the dose of happiness we all need. While Heather loves the pairing, she’s never finished the show to see how they get their happy ending and it’s about time. 

Listen to Episode 2×03 and check out the show notes for Jenn’s list of essential Nick/Jess episodes and more.

Episode #4: Crash Landing on You: Baby’s first K-Drama”

A perfect mix of romance, drama, action, and comedy, the popular K-drama Crash Landing on You is Heather’s latest television addiction. She’ll never know peace if she can’t manage to tempt Jennifer and guest co-host Titi to try the show and meet star-crossed lovers Yoon Se-ri and Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok. 

Listen to Episode 2×04 and view the show notes for bonus content, including the gifs we discussed.

Episode #5: Dragon Prince: A Shipping Variety Pack”

Animated series are a hard sell for Heather. That said, Jennifer is confident the magic, drama, and world-building of Netflix’s Dragon Prince—not to mention the coming-of-age romance between human prince Callum and elf assassin Rayla—will be enough of a temptation to get her to try the show.

Go check out Episode 2×05 and discover the gifs & fan videos we reacted to in the show.

Episode #6: Anne with an E: Who Doesn’t Like Shirbert?!”

L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables may be a children’s book series, but we all know that Anne/Gilbert (a.k.a. Shirbert) is one of the greatest ships OF ALL TIME. The Anne with an E television adaptation understands this perfectly, as Jennifer’s about to find out…

Listen to Episode 2×06 and feast your eyes on bonus content in the show notes.

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