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Shipping FOMO’s Real: Why I Blame Drukkari for My Sudden Eternals Obsession

Waiting an extra week to see Eternals with a friend didn’t seem like a big sacrifice when I first agreed to it. Without the promise of more Frank/Karen or Black Widow/Hawkeye, Marvel shows and movies have lost some of their luster for me. So WHY am I currently suffering from a bad case of FOMO as I scroll through Eternals posts on social? I’ll tell you why: Druig and Makkari, a.k.a. Drukkari. Yes, a ship I had never even heard of three days ago—that didn’t even exist a week ago—now has my full attention.

The wait to see this film is suddenly KILLING me…but in a good way? Mostly? In an entertainment landscape dominated by streaming companies, and with the emergence of same-day home and theater releases, it’s rare for a pop culture junkie like myself to experience shipping FOMO. If I stumble across a new-to-me ship, I can normally queue up the source material in minutes and join the conversation shortly thereafter. To be on the outside looking in is unfamiliar, but it’s also building my anticipation.

Do I have any idea who Druig and Makkari are or how they fit into the larger Eternals universe? No. I do, however, know the most important things. One, the actors playing them, Lauren Ridloff and Barry Keoghan, have loads of chemistry that’s apparent from gifs alone. Two, Druig, at one point, utters the phrase “my beautiful, beautiful Makkari,” telling me the man’s got a silver tongue. That’s hot! Three, Makkari’s the sunshine one while gruff Druig hates everyone except her, a dynamic I can rarely resist. What more evidence do I need that these two are shipworthy?

For a pairing with only a few scenes together (or so I gather), they sure have made an impact. The internet is officially abuzz and the fandom formed practically overnight. I’m having a blast skimming their tags on social, watching fic about them quickly pile up on AO3, and refreshing YouTube regularly in hopes that fan videos will start to appear. I’ve even laid the groundwork to lure a fellow Black Widow/Hawkeye shipper into Drukkari fandom, because I shouldn’t have to suffer alone.

I may not get all the memes and inside jokes yet, but that’s okay. I’ve decided I will probably have to sneak off to the movies a few days early. FOMO is real and Drukkari’s calling!

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