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Timeless’s Lucy/Flynn: Do They End Up Together?

Watching Timeless and want to know if Lucy Preston and Garcia Flynn's relationship eventually turns romantic? Here's the answer...

Flynn gazes at Lucy in TimelessSpoiler Alert: To know the answer to  “Do Lucy and Flynn end up together in Timeless?” is to be spoiled for the entire series, including how the two-hour holiday special ends. So if you want to retain some element of surprise, it’s not too late–you can hit the back button now and come back when you’ve finished the series. But if you cannot handle the suspense and just have to know whether or not time-traveling historian Lucy Preston and villain-turned-anti-hero Garcia Flynn manage to get their shit together and realize they’re a perfect match, read on!

Do Lucy Preston and Garcia Flynn end up together in Timeless?

The short answer: Sadly, no. At least, not in the main timeline we’re shown in the two-part holiday special, “The Miracle of Christmas.” In those episodes, which for the time being stand as the series finale (never say never about future installments when it comes to this show!), Lucy marries Wyatt and they have twin daughters. This happens in large part because Flynn, who is clearly in love with Lucy, heroically sacrifices his own life to change history, save a team member, and ensure she gets the happy ending she deserves. Basically, the Garcy ’ship is tragically romantic until the very end.

And yet, there’s a catch. Because this is Timeless we’re talking about here, a show where multiple universes can and do exist, so nothing’s actually quite that simple–or definite–when it comes to Lucy and Flynn. Let me elaborate…

The longer answer: Anything’s possible! According to “The Miracle of Christmas, Part I,” while one version of the story finds Lucy professing love for Wyatt and Flynn gazing upon his wife and child one more time before he dies, there’s at least one alternate timeline in which Lucy and Flynn find comfort in each other’s arms.

From the journal that a hardened, gun-toting future version of Lucy writes and then hands off to Flynn in 2014–a journal that he keeps close to his heart for most of the series (swoon!)–we learn that the two embark on a passionate affair after surviving the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 (AAAAHHHH!!!). Lucy shares delicious details about their first kiss: How Flynn makes the first move after finding her wrapped in blankets and lost in thought, how his lips help her forget her heartbreak over Wyatt, and how she kisses him back. (Confirmed: Titanic remains the ship of DREAMS!)

And though present-day Flynn tells present-day Lucy that their relationship didn’t end well because she still had lingering feelings for Wyatt, who’s to say that in that reality, these two lonely souls didn’t find their way back to each other, get a second chance at love, and create their own happily ever after? For that matter, how do we know that Lucy and Flynn don’t fall madly and irrevocably in love in most other versions of history? After all, in every timeline we’ve witnessed, the two of them seem drawn together like magnets, and share a deep bond that no one else understands. The show begins with Lucy giving Flynn an account of her most private thoughts, and it ends that way too–the show literally does not work without the two of them. So if you’re feeling disappointed by these answers and don’t know if you really want to keep watching (or start watching) Timeless, just remember: The potential for Garcy romance is endless whether we see it onscreen or not, canon supports this 100%, and fanfic is here for you.

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    1. Hey there! Thanks so much for taking the time to read AND comment. I’m THRILLED to talk to another Chenford shipper ’cause my love for them only grows with each new episode and tomorrow night’s sounds like it could be GOOD.

      I shipped Lyatt in season 1 and thought the Bonnie & Clyde episode was a blast, but when Wyatt’s wife came back, I was out. Plus…I seem to have a weakness for redeemed bad boys, so Flynn’s season 2 arc very much appealed and I dug his chemistry with Lucy.

      Thanks for the link back to your blog–enjoyed checking out your recap of the finale! At least one of us got what we wanted out of it, because shipping is hard and we deserve nice things.

      1. Hey yourself! I’ll comment separately on the Chenford post, but I just wanted to say that I agree with your last sentence – now more than ever, we NEED THE SHIP.

        And the other 50% of Unpopcult also has a weakness for redeemed bad boys. Or just bad boys who are trying to redeem themselves. Or just bad boys. (My weakness is for snarky/smart-talking brunettes, of which there are plenty on TV.)

  1. Wyatt‘s decission leaving Lucy after Jessicas return, was unforgiveable. It was such a bad move.
    Flynn was so lovely, I loved the little moments Lucy and he had together. Heart-melting.

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